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HTML img tag is used to display image on the web page. HTML img tag is an empty tag that contains attributes only, closing tags are not used in HTML image element.

<img src="good_morning.jpg" alt="Good Morning Friends"/>  

Attributes of HTML img tag

The src and alt are important attributes of HTML img tag. All attributes of HTML image tag are given below.

1) src

It is a necessary attribute that describes the source or path of the image. It instructs the browser where to look for the image on the server.

The location of image may be on the same directory or another server.

2) alt

The alt attribute defines an alternate text for the image, if it can’t be displayed. The value of the alt attribute describe the image in words. The alt attribute is considered good for SEO prospective.

3) width

It is an optional attribute which is used to specify the width to display the image. It is not recommended now. You should apply CSS in place of width attribute.

4) height

It h3 the height of the image. The HTML height attribute also supports iframe, image and object elements. It is not recommended now. You should apply CSS in place of height attribute.

    <img src="animal.jpg" height="180" width="300" alt="animal image">  

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